Failure Shakes Your Hand and Says, “Good Luck to You!”


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I’ve never been afraid of failure, for it is a great learning experience if one is humble enough to self-examine. Failure reveals your flaws and blind spots and allows you an opportunity to ameliorate them. One cannot improve without contrast, and though success may tell you what works, failure confirms it. Knowledge, like a map, is far more useful when all the details are filled in. Live and learn goes the old saying. Failure, the great teacher.




Life can slide into the doldrums so easily. You can get lost in the day to day grind of it all and forget what makes you feel worthwhile in the first place. And then you wake up one day and realize how much time has gone by. Years can pass but feel like days. I realize that I am not writing enough and I’m not happy with that fact. That is going to change pronto and now.

Yes, this is just me venting. Plus the hilarious video above.
To each their own.

Trump Pinata


For all you Anti-Trumps out there . . .

It is no surprise that Donald Trump has been having a hard time “closing the deal” in the primaries now that the field has narrowed. Trump has benefited as much as anyone from a crowded field, but his negatives were always too high to ensure a smooth path to the nomination. Still, I find it difficult to think The Donald won’t find some way to win at the convention. By all objective measures, he is the most popular candidate among Republicans, and as the late, great Molly Ivins once said: “You gotta dance with them what brung you.”

The Top Five Diet Tricks That Actually Work!


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According to the FAIR Blog, only about 40 percent of people read the news beyond the headline. If true, this disturbs me both intellectually and as a writer. The headlines (and taglines for that matter) of an article are usually designed to stir up animus and/or anxiety in the reader, making them more likely to read the article attached, meaning that the title is generally the least accurate part of the whole piece.

Besides, as blogger, what good does that do me? I can compose eye-ball catching post titles all day long, but where’s the fun in that? And nothing in my soul is satisfied by baiting in readers with sugar-laden hooks.

Wander through the stories.
Ponder the questions.
Dive into the depths of the ocean of ideas.
Read, people, read!

Relationship Origins


Via Paul Kirby, a chart that says a lot about how couples in different generations have found one another:

I’m surprised that “At a bar/restaurant” came in second during the 2000s. I’ve always thought of the bar scene as more of a legacy of the 70s and 80s, but it’s only gotten trendier. Interesting stuff.