Watch Lindsey Graham Roast the Presidential Field


Who knew Lindsey Graham had a sense of humor? I didn’t . . .

Incidently, Charles Pierce who summed up the last Republican debate thusly:

(Unintelligible yelling)

Last night’s Republican brawl at recess was best summed up by some anonymous soul working at the closed-captioning desk at CNN who clearly was completely fed up with the idiotic proceedings on stage and decided to let the hearing-impaired citizens of the United States of America know that he was.

had some incredible zingers about the candidates as well. To wit:

What was your favorite moment? Was it Dr. Ben Carson’s contention that the “fruit salad of their lives” are dangling precipitously on “the abyss of destruction? What did he mean? Who knows? The mind of Dr. Ben Carson is not the mind of an ordinary man. The mind of Dr. Ben Carson is on loan from a curiosity shoppe somewhere on the moons of Saturn.


And, to be completely honest, Trump probably gave the best closing statement of the bunch. But, at that point, those people watching who hadn’t turned away from this intellectual demolition derby that, like me, they were numb and willing to believe almost anything. I felt like I’d stumbled into the ladies garden club from the beginning of The Manchurian Candidate.

Read the whole piece. Trust me. Unlike Ted Cruz, I would never li-



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