Disaster Capitalism in Action


Via the FAIR blog, essential reading from Adam Johnson on cynical opportunism in post-Katrina New Orleans. A key passage:

Despite studies and reporting showing otherwise, for the sake of this piece it doesn’t actually matter if radical post-Katrina New Orleans school reform was a “success,” a failure or somewhere in between. What is important is that so many corporatists think this “miracle” was not just an incidental positive but was, all things considered, worth it. Worth the 1,800 people killed and the 100,000 African-Americans permanently ejected from the city.

As a Progressive, I have a lot of disdain for this type of “progress” which seeks to marginalize or even dispose of people that it sees as obstacles to making a place or an institution better. Modernization and efficiency are all well and good, but if their implementation makes the lives of a substantial number of people worse (especially those most vulnerable to the disruption of change), then what you are doing is not real progress. Period. End of story.


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