Daylight Savings Time Explained (Finally!)


From Last Week Tonight with John Oliver:

Nobody likes Daylight Savings time–except apparently the Golf Lobby–so, why do we still put ourselves through it? It’s a mystery alright.


2 thoughts on “Daylight Savings Time Explained (Finally!)

  1. Depends on what part of the continent you are on. Here in a small Ontario community just above the North Channel of Lake Huron & just a couple of hour from the states, the time shift can be annoying, but when winter hits – oy. You get up to work and it was dark just getting to the light. Head home and the sun is getting ready to set. And that was for a secondary school teacher, there were many up and about before us. The shift got us some sunlight hours straggling the day’s end. The only issue is that could take up a shorter amount of the year – those living further north than us may have a different opinion. 😀

    What if we put the time zones on a bit of a diagonal – now that would be amusing.
    In the province of Newfoundland it is a half hour later . 🙂

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