Racial Disparities in Opinions on Racial Disparities


Via Cnn.com on a poll conducted by the network about racism in America:

But across all these measures, the overall results mask sharp divides between blacks and whites on perceptions of racial disparity in the U.S. While 76% of blacks say the Voting Rights Act is necessary in present day to ensure that blacks are able to vote, just 48% of whites agree. Likewise, 54% of African Americans say blacks do not have as good a chance as whites to get jobs for which they are qualified, just 19% of whites agree.

I count myself amongst that 19%, and I find it difficult to fathom why more whites (or blacks for that matter) don’t immediately agree that it’s more difficult for blacks to get a job for which they are qualified than for whites. We certainly can disagree on the reasons for why this occurs (discrimination, lack of connections, poverty, felony convictions, et al.) However, at the very least, a strictly broad consensus on this issue should emerge, shouldn’t it?

I really don’t get it.


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