Everything is Possible (Except the Impossible)


Via Salon, the ever poignant Digby reports:

…[Scott] Walker’s latest alleged victimization at the hands of the gotcha police is more interesting. When asked whether President Obama is a Christian he said he didn’t know. Now anyone who has followed politics for the past seven years knows that the right-wing fever swamps are convinced that Barack Obama is a Muslim. They also know that he worshiped in the Christian church under the leadership of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, but because they believe Wright is an America-hating black nationalist, it is further proof that Obama is actually a Muslim. (No, this doesn’t make any sense.)

Politics is full of doublethink I needn’t tell you. When people can be both a socialist and a fascist, a conservative and a radical, a tea partier and latte sipper, et al. reality begins to seem like less of a concrete phenomenon and more an ornery myth yelling at us to get off the universe’s lawn. Forget trying to make sense of it. Just keep your head down and go with the flow. Stiff upper lip and all that.

I admit I cannot do this. My sense of self-esteem(regard?) is predicated on making sense of the non-sensible. Here’s another example. I have heard many people (including an actual doctor) make the claim that heterosexual males have on average more sexual partners than heterosexual females. Now, this is literally impossible. There is a one-to-one correspondence at work here. Every heterosexual partner a male has is a women who has that man for a sexual partner. Thus, basic math dictates that the average heterosexual male must have the exact same number of partners as the average heterosexual female. There’s no way to circumvent it. It’s a mathematical certainty.

Now this particular bias is terribly easy to explain as a function of pointless sexism. However, bias against women itself defies much coherent logic. (Then again, maybe it’s bias against men masquerading as bias against women? Hmmmm. Strange. I’ll get back to you when I get the knots out of my neurons.)


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