Believe It or Not


Talk of religion and belief systems generally can be awkward at best to downright anger-inducing, Atheism as well with the rise of New Atheist movement. However, for every Richard Dawkins or Sam Harris there is someone who thinks like this:

Everyone is at a different stage in the process, and I recognize many of those stages, having gone through them at a younger age. But, trust me, after a while these theological questions cease to exist. Among the last to fade to black is the question about why so many people you respect insist on clinging to something that they know better than to actually believe. Sometime after that comes the compassion which follows from truly understanding the frailty of all human beings and being happy that they find comfort in their theism. I’m talking about being actually happy for them. This is where you overcome your wish that things were different, not in the sense that you’ll give up trying to make the world a better place but in the sense that you personally can do a better job consoling the grief stricken than the time worn solutions we know so well.

Read the whole post. It’s as eloquent a statement on the subject as your likely to read.

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