Five Reasons Global Warming is a Hoax


1) The Atmosphere Does Not Exist.
Like the horizon, the atmosphere is a concept, one that changes depending on a particular person’s point of view. Or the human lap. Where does it go when you stand up? Can it ever really be said to exist? Clearly then, the atmosphere is a political viewpoint constructed by scientists out of thin air to promote socialism.

2) It Can Never Get Any Hotter Than It Already Is.
According to the Law of Conservation, all the energy in the universe was present at its creation. No more can be created and none can be destroyed. Energy is responsible for heat. Therefore, it cannot get any hotter without more energy being created which is impossible.

3) Scientists are Inconsistent.
Throughout the length and breadth of history, scientists have come up with far, far more ideas that proved false rather than true, many of which we find absolutely bizarre today. It is strange to believe that simply transferring carbon from the ground to the air would cause a massive disaster. Plus, John Nash was schizophrenic. Who knows where all these ideas come from.

4) Carbon Dioxide is Good for You.
All living flora need carbon dioxide to survive, including those that produce the fruits and vegetables that we eat. The human population of the earth is growing, and we need more food all the time. Additionally, the USDA recommends that Americans eat more fruits and vegetables as part of their diet. How are we to achieve these goals without higher levels of carbon dioxide to sustain more plant growth? Anyway, we couldn’t possibly slaughter animals fast enough.

5) Science is Just a Theory.
You can’t definitively prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that science exists. Therefore, la luh la luh la [fingers in ears.]



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