It’s Even Worse Than I Predicted


Back in 2012, I predicted that Rick Santorum, based on his strong second place finish in the Republican primaries would be the front runner for the 2016 election. Not so! Oh, you amateur political analyst, you must be thinking. Rick Santorum? Please. Well, you were right and I was wrong. According to a recent Bloomberg poll of Iowa the actual front-runner for the nomination appears to be–dun dun DUN!–Mitt Romney.

Yes, the two-time underwhelming candidate Romney who has repeatedly vowed to never ever ever ever run again is foremost on the minds of Republican voters once more. Oh, GOP, where is your star power? God has given you Santorum and Cruz and Jeb and you merely shrug. Charisma gap, say you?

Somewhere, an elephant weeps . . .


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