So, You’re In Favor of Alcoholic Infants Then?


When Michael Sam became the first openly gay football player drafted to the NFL, the usual blah blah blah was bantered back and forth among the usual suspects. Homosexuality and all that jazz. You know. A lot people were freaked out, of course, by the video of the kiss shared between Michael Sam and his boyfriend that went viral. I was actually a bit surprised given that there is no known biblical admontion against same-sex kissing. (Yes, I am being facetious; I’m not surprised at all)

And inevitably, whenever the subject of homosexuality comes up, the talk turns to the hot button issue of Gay Marriage. Almost certainly to follow are the standard arguments we have all heard a hundred times (or more), the most abusrd of which, I find, being the old saw that “Gay Marriage would open the door to incest and bestiality.” Well, no. This is equivalent to a person in 1932 arguing that Prohibition shouldn’t end because it could lead to infants drinking tequila. Both of these arguments are technically logical, but also, stupid. I am given to wonder whether the people making these types of arguments even understand the concept of Cause and Effect.

But let us continue our debate on human nature as moral construct. What could go wrong?


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