Some Quick Thoughts on Phil Robertson


The media (and the blogosphere especially) have gotten a lot of play out of the controversial remarks made by Duck Dynasty Patriarch Phil Robertson who has because of them been suspended from his reality tv show on the A&E network. Most of the focus has been on his comments about homosexuality and his morality-based opposition to it. Less noticed, though, were his remarks asserting that african-americans were happier under Jim Crow laws. According to Out Front’s online blog:

Robertson claimed that he never saw any “mistreatment of any black person” while growing up in Louisiana prior to the civil rights movement.

“Pre-entitlement, pre-welfare, you say: Were they happy?” he said. “They were godly, they were happy, no one was singing the blues,” Robertson told GQ.

I could levy an inordinate number of different criticisms at remarks like these; however, I will simply leave you with this burning question:

Why do so many patriotic and freedom-loving people defend insitutions such as slavery, Jim Crow, apartheid, et al.? Whatever advantages you believe these systems imparted upon their subjects, does not their profound curtailing of individual freedom trump all other concerns?

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