NaBloPoMo Is Here!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yes, it’s National Blog Posting Month.*

And what does this mean to me and you?

Er . . . well . . . nothing.

At least not to me. You see, here on Planet Content**, we post blogs when we have inspiration (and time and ambition). Our Muse is literature not the calendar.

Look, I don’t say this to be judgemental*** –I say this as a reader of blogs who does not want to be subjected to your every waking thought.  I would much prefer to read posts that are well-crafted and interesting, and believe me, that takes a lot more effort than banging on a keyboard in whatever trendy mode that has caught your fancy (This blogging not the Macarena!****)

Yes, everything we post will not be a winner. I don’t expect the world; even Planet Content has its population of letdowns. Again, I do not judge . . .

However, I think we ought to give the NaBlos and the NaWris a fun if definitive retirement party. On Planet Content, the Reader is king (or queen . . . or prime minister) and that is how I believe it should remain.

* Formerly known as Blog Fever!
** In the solar system of Pretensius.
*** Yeah. So. Yeah.
**** Or some more recent trend. I haven’t paid much attention to pop culture since the Spice Girls made that movie. Did you know that a few critics actually gave Spice World good reviews? I couldn’t believe it either! It’s like Ed Wood was working for a major studio. “You like my clothes?” asked Posh. “They’re not sporty enough!” said Sporty. Or something like that. Somebody thought that would make for compelling dialogue! Okay, now I’m just rambling. And after a blog post in which I said I didn’t want to read every thought that popped into other people’s heads. Hypocrite . . .


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