The 2012 Election: A Complete Farce?


I’ve been trying for the longest time to figure Mitt Romney out. The man is a flippant enigma. To quote myself from 2008 when Romney ran for the nomination but lost to John McCain, I said “Mitt Romney has more policy positions in his middle finger than you have in your whole body.” Maybe that’s unfair, but it’s hard to believe that he doesn’t delight in the mental chaos induced by his maddeningly contradictory utterances.

I’ve been analyzing him all year long, desperately trying to come up with an explanation for his, well, entire campaign, and finally, I believe I understand his messaging on the economy if nothing else. Romney seemed at first to have no coherent economic plan, just boilerplate fiscal fallacies and wishful thinking. Pretty standard stuff for a presidential election. What I eventually realized as I parsed more and more of his rhetoric from on the campaign trail, at fundraisers, at the debates, et al. was that he actually has no economic plan at all!

To put it another way, Romney’s pitch to voters can be summarized as follows:
President Obama has done nothing to fix the economy, therefore elect me . . . because I will also do nothing to fix it.

Mischaracterization? Not really. Romney’s most coherent assertion has been that the best thing the government can do for the economy is get out of the way of the private sector and let the recovery happen on its own. Ergo, your choice this election season is between someone who’s accomplished nothing and someone who plans to accomplish nothing. Contrast a la Romney.

Comedy or tragedy? You be the judge . . .

Copyright 2012 by Michael S. Marsters.
All rights reserved.


6 thoughts on “The 2012 Election: A Complete Farce?

  1. I find it quite simple to understand the Romney/Ryan economic plan. They hope to influence congress to pass a tax plan that reduces income taxes across the board, while capping deductions so the highest income earners will still pay roughly 60% of all income taxes as they do now. The reason this plan will work is the historical evidence indicating that regardless of tax rates, federal tax revenues stay about 17%-18% of GDP. Thus, the way to truly increase tax revenues is to grow the GDP. The best way to grow the GDP is to have low taxes, a simplified tax code, and to lessen the burden of regulations on small businesses.

    • Here we see the Romney-ite in his native habit…Immune to satire, this species will never back down from an inferred argument, using statistics and ideology as its preferred methods…Though not particularly dangerous, it is advised, if you encounter one, that you avoid eye-contact and slowly back away 😉

  2. I saw James Lipton, the Actor’s Studio guy, and he provided a real insight on the performance choice informing Romney as a character. He’s that boss who tells lame jokes, then waits for everyone to laugh, or else… The kind who constantly tries to keep the employees off-balance as a way of consolidating power. If Romney is elected, it will be because people want a “boss” more than a professor.

  3. There is nothing to figure out. Mitt Romney is a liar, a prevaricator from the word go. He says and does whatever he must to get elected because this is his only goal — he believes that he deserves to be president. He disdains most of us — only his equally rich power-mongering cohorts are valid folks. He and his cohorts have plans to make themselves richer and richer and richer. The act in secret and contemplate and carry out criminal activity in order to steal the keys to the White House. Mitt Romney supports the interests of big fossil-fuel — at any cost to the environment and to our sibling species – and corporate interests along with the rich and powerful corporate whores who run the vast conglomerate. Mitt Romney is against green energy, reproductive rights for women, universal health care — at least he is against it now — he supports moneyed interests that condone and seek to conceal the egregious cruelties of factory farming. Mitt Romney has disdain for the rest of us – he thinks that nearly half uf us are lazy spongers, whiners and losers. His brother has bought voting machines so that the votes can be altered – now we have to appeal to the attorney-generals of the country and any states involved to invalidate use of these conflicted-of-interest machines in the coming election. Mitt Romney loathes gays, lesbians, transgendera and bisexuals — and disrespects them at every turn. If elected, he would battle to disrespect them in federal law. He is a living travesty. To elect him would speak so badly about the astuteness of the American public, since it would be an act sharply against the interests of any voters but the 1% richest citizens. Neither tragedy nor comedy. Horror story.

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