How to Solve an Economic Crisis


Maybe we should throw more money at the problem.

–No, greed is what got us into this mess in the first
place, so let’s not have more of it.

Then, do what it takes to create more jobs.

–There are already enough menial jobs that pay a
scant wage. We don’t need more.

Why not just take the banks down then?

–I’ve never believed envy was an answer for anything.

It seems every path from here is the wrong one.
We’ve found ourselves caught in a moral dilemma. This poverty
is a capital one, and capital is power to the capitalist,
for with it he can do anything. We all know power
inevitably corrupts us.

But how . . . but how . . .
How then shall we bring power to the people if it is
such a danger to our rightness?

Time has come to stop asking what we deserve and
start asking what we need. We cannot feed ourselves
on ideals, clothe ourselves in morals, educate ourselves
with dogma. One does not deserve wealth, but there
is nothing wrong with needing wealth, and we do.

–We must say so, we, the people, loud and clear.
We must make ourselves understood: it is not the
economy that is in trouble, it is us.

Copyright 2011 by Michael Marsters.
All rights reserved.


4 thoughts on “How to Solve an Economic Crisis

  1. You said good, but all we have to do is wait. We’ve passed no return in our journey through the Holocene mass extinction of which Homo sapiens sapiens is the root cause. A mass extinction is ended by eradicating the root cause. Mother Nature is on it. A short-lived species: unintuitive, avaricious, selfish, narrow-visioned, cruel and destructive. All we have to do is wait. Our lazy, apathetic, self-centered, self-righteousness will continue to serve us until the end. Still, what you wrote is perspicacious, indeed!!!

  2. Some profound thoughts here, Michael … then it is a profound dilemma … we all want to live well … but, surely, greed is not necessary to do so. There is such an extreme (and unnecessary) disparity between the living standards of ‘the top’ and ‘the bottom’. Surely, someone doesn’t have to starve and be cold for me–or anyone else–to be fed and kept warm. I do believe those who have much have a responsibility to those who have little; no one should live in an ivory tower. Thanks for sharing this important reflection.

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