Failure Shakes Your Hand and Says, “Good Luck to You!”


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I’ve never been afraid of failure, for it is a great learning experience if one is humble enough to self-examine. Failure reveals your flaws and blind spots and allows you an opportunity to ameliorate them. One cannot improve without contrast, and though success may tell you what works, failure confirms it. Knowledge, like a map, is far more useful when all the details are filled in. Live and learn goes the old saying. Failure, the great teacher.


Soundtrack to a Gotterdammerung


This is the song that is lately playing in my head when I read about the latest outrage involving the Trump administration or Congress or whathaveyou…




Life can slide into the doldrums so easily. You can get lost in the day to day grind of it all and forget what makes you feel worthwhile in the first place. And then you wake up one day and realize how much time has gone by. Years can pass but feel like days. I realize that I am not writing enough and I’m not happy with that fact. That is going to change pronto and now.

Yes, this is just me venting. Plus the hilarious video above.
To each their own.